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Limbitless adventure


Limbitless Adventure is a 3D adventure video game. Developed by the organization Limbitless Solutions, the purpose of this video game is to help train patients with mobility limitations, like ALS, drive a powered wheel chair completely hands free, using their temporalis muscles. The game is still currently in development.


This is one the first projects I worked on that allowed me to create something that directly helped someone else, It was also the first project that required me to research and learn about what its like to live with mobility limitations and to keep those obstacles in mind as I was developing this game. I had the opportunity to be the 3D artist on this project we had one coder and one game designer.

After concept and style was established, I modeled and UV'd all of our assets in Maya. Created their textures in Substance Painter and assembled it all in the Unity game engine. Besides the visual look of our assets, I was also responsible for lighting the environment in Unity and rigging as well as creating the animations of our characters and environmental animations. Like the bugs, smoke and fire effects.

Made With

One very important aspect of our character designs was to give our player's options to choose from that weren't just your typical walking character or even just a character on a wheelchair, we wanted them to feel inclusivity but also the freedom to choose different characters.


Mixamo Character Model*

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